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The Montage™ Pellet Stove By Lennox

The Lennox Montage pellet stove is a state-of-the-art low maintenance pellet stove. The Montage effectively burns premium grade and standard pellets, delivering dependable low-cost heating performance. With the Montage's 55lb hopper, electronic controls and patented UltraGrate; hours of fully automatic heat are provided at nearly 100% combustion efficiency.

The Montage is available with four Trim Kits, shown below.


Shown left to right The Arch, Artisan, Cast Iron Gothic Arch, Contemporary

Montage Arch pellet stove Montage Artisan pellet stove Montage Cast Iron Gothic Arch pellet stove Montage Contemporary pellet stove


Montage Specifications

BTU Range 13,000-32,000
Fuel Capacity 55lbs
Burn Time 15-37 hrs
Overall Efficiency 75-81%
Emission Status EPA Certified (<4.5g/hr)
Back Clearance 2"
Side Clearance 4"


For further information download the Montage brochure from the documents section of our site.