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Gren Wood Fire Bricks Fuel for wood stoves

Gren Fire Bricks
Fuel for wood stoves.

Pellets For Heating, Grills & Smokers

Sunburst Sales carries only high quality pellets designed to keep your heating equipment in top condition. Low quality pellets may affect the performance of pellet stoves and increase the cleaning requirements.

Lumber Jack pellets have low moisture, high BTU outputs and low ash production - Ideal for pellet heating.

Lumber Jack also produces several flavors of BBQ grilling pellets, specifically manufactured with 100% pure wood, for grills and smokers. Best of all, all wood pellets are a "Green" renewable fuel source.

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Recommended Pellets For Heating

Lumber Jack Premium Mix Pellets

Lumber Jack Premium Pellets 8400btu

Made in northern Wisconsin, Lumber Jack Pellets are produced with a high quality mix of hard and soft wood which produces a clean burning pellet product. "I used Lumber Jack Pellets in my shop stoves and was surprised to find the stove glass stayed cleaner over twice as long, when the pellet stove was run on a low setting. Very impressive renewable energy product and made in Wisconsin!" - Greg Sunburst Sale LLC

Lumber Jack Premium Mix Pellet Specifications


Lumber Jack First Choice Pellets 8,300 BTUs/lb

First Choice Pellets

Lumber Jack Wood Fuel Pellets are tested at an independent lab to ensure that they meet the highest premium grade standards. Lumber Jack Wood Fuel Pellet technicians are current with the latest technology to provide our customers with the best in a safe, energy efficient source of heat. As a source of heat our wood pellets have some of the lowest emissions ratings on record! BTU average of 8300 per pound, and moisture is less than 5% extremely low ash .5%.

Our 40-pound bag is easy to manage and will provide many hours of continuous heat for only a few dollars!

1 ton of pellets equals 2 cords of wood



Rip Moutain Pine Pellets

Rib Mountain Bio Pine & Hard/Soft Mixed Wood Pellets

Rib Mountain Bio Pine Pellets are manufactured locally in Wisconsin. Rib Mountain pellets supply 8800btus of heat with .3% ash. Expect these Premium Pine pellets to provide hours of heating comfort at a reasonable price.

Rib Mountain Hard & Soft Wood Mix Pellets produce 8700 BTUs per pound with .4% ash and are available by the bag or skid. One skid contains 50 forty pound bags or 1 ton of pellets.



Somerset Hardwood Kentucky Pellets

Somerset Hardwood Kentucky Pellets produce 8950 BTUs per pound with .4% ash and are available by the bag or skid. One skid contains 50 forty pound bags or 1 ton of pellets. Call Greg at 920-420-3399 for pricing and delivery service.



Recommended Pellets For Grills & Smokers


Lumber Jack Flavored BBQ Grilling Pellets 100% Pure Wood


Lumber Jack BBQ Grilling Pellets

Lumber Jack "Maple Flavored Grilling Pellets" take first place "in pork" at the Greenville Project Host BBQ cook-off on 5/6/2011
South Carolina Barbeque

The taste is why people buy! If you are like most people, you crave the zest that cooking on a pellet grill offers. Our flavored pellets draw out the food's essence, making your meal all the more succulent and savory. Many flavors available - Why not try them all!!



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Lumber Jack Brand wood BBQ pellets are made from pure round log tree fiber. We do not use any pre used wood (demolition) or any additives including oil products in the manufacture of our BBQ wood pellets. Our pellets are made from new growth tree fiber stock either in round log, sawmill or wood chip form and is free from any pre-manufacturing processes that can contain chemicals not visible to the human eye during delivery to the mfg. plant.

There is no known nationally recognized test criteria for "Food Grade" BBQ Pellets. Our pellets are 100% Wood with no additives of any kind. Due to the high heat and pressures used our wood pellets are free from any animal or insects (pests)


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