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Nature's Comfort Wood Burning Boilers

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How Does the Wood Boiler Work?

The interior workings of the outdoor wood boiler consist of a firebox, and within the firebox is a chimney, grates with a powered blower that forces air up into the fire for a greater and more efficient burn. Wood is loaded into the firebox the same way as a traditional fireplace.

Surrounding the firebox is at least a 120 gallon water jacket. The wood is burned in the firebox, by turning the fan on and blowing air in back bottom under grates and into the fire box. This additional air burns wood at an accelerated rate until the set temperature in the water jacket is met at 160 to 180 degrees. If the home has no call for heat the unit will not run.

A pump at the back of the outdoor boiler sends the heated water in a continuous loop to the house through an insulated PEX line to a heat exchanger in your furnace and the water heater inside your home, then back again for reheating.

Additional connections may be made to heat a pool, sauna, hot tub, garage, barns, greenhouses, and other buildings. For this, a second pump would be installed and a second set of PEX lines would be connected to the outdoor boiler Insulation surrounds the water jacket so that the water temperature is not compromised by weather.

The firebox is surrounded by water along with the ash pan and a portion of the chimney as well, extracting as much heat as possible from the red hot coals and gases. The chimney protrudes down into the firebox about one foot from the bottom preventing gases from quickly escaping out the flue. This creates a second burn sequence burning the gases and wood more efficiently.


Forced Air Furnace and Water Heater
working with the Nature’s Comfort Outdoor Boiler

Direct Plumbed Boiler
working with the Nature’s Comfort Outdoor Boiler

Boiler with Baseboard Heat
working with the Nature’s Comfort Outdoor Boiler


End of Season Boiler Shutdown Checklist